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From Shirley Temple to Beyoncé, beautiful curly hair has always evoked envy in those of us born with poker-straight locks. But you can flaunt your curls with the best of them if you receive a little help from a curling iron set.

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Satin Waves 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set
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Easiest to Use
A good value for its price, this is a versatile set that provides lots of options.
Users love the different barrels and wands that allow them to create a variety of looks. It stands out for having easy-to-change barrels and maintaining its temperature well. We love that the curls will last and hold their shape. Travelers also appreciate the dual voltage feature.
It doesn’t have a protective tip on either the iron or wands, so use caution and the provided glove when using.
Irresistible Me
Irresistible Me
Hair Curling
Iron Set
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Expert Recommended
A pro-grade set that has more options than many others on the market.
This system gets top marks for heating up quickly and curling well even on thick, very straight, or hard-to-curl hair. Users love the variety of options that offer unlimited styling choices, and the fact that the cord swivels easily when using.
A few felt it was a bit difficult to change the rods, and occasionally customers experience barrels not working or breaking.
Curling Iron and Wand Set with Interchangeable Titanium Barrels
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Most Stylish
A top choice in curing iron sets with an attractive finish.
This set not only gets top marks for its pretty rose-gold finish, but also for the fact that it creates lasting, natural-looking curls. Customers say it’s easy to use, well-made, and worth the cost. It also stands out for heating quickly and having an easy-to-read temperature display.
The high heat setting can be damaging to thin or fragile hair, so use caution.
4-Piece Curling
Wand Kit
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Most Versatile
A high-quality set that provides professional results.
Users appreciate the solid construction, different curling options, and great results this set provides. It also stands out for being easy to use and curling evenly. We love that the different temperature options allow it to work for any hair type, and that it holds curls well even without any hair products.
Some customers felt that the instructions could be more clear.
MarQuee Beauty
MarQuee Beauty
Interchangeable Curling Iron Set
With Flat Iron
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Bottom Line
Simple Yet Solid
This set offers many styling choices at a good value for its cost.
Users like that this set comes with several curling levels as well as a flat iron so it’s easy to change up your look to get curls or beachy waves. It also gets high praise for creating long-lasting curls and being good quality for the cost.
A few felt it was hard to change the barrels, and occasionally users received a defective product.

Best Curling Iron Sets Reviews & Buying Guide

From Shirley Temple to Beyoncé, beautiful curly hair has always evoked envy in those of us born with poker-straight locks. But you can flaunt your curls with the best of them if you receive a little help from a curling iron set.

Picking out the best set isn’t easy, though, especially if you’ve never bought any sort of curling device before. Between barrel shapes and sizes, coating materials, heat settings, and more, the whole process can seem a little baffling.


The difference between a curling iron set and a standard curling iron is a simple one. While a curling iron has a single fixed barrel, a curling iron set comes complete with a number of interchangeable barrels of different shapes and sizes.

Why would you want several different barrels? Well, barrels of different diameters and shapes produce various styles of curls, making a curling iron set much more versatile than a standard curling iron.


Clamp vs. wand

Until recent years, curling irons generally had a clamp to hold the end of your hair in place while you curl the rest of the length around the barrel. However, there’s been a recent trend for curling wands, or curling rods, which do away with the clamp. Instead, you wrap your hair around the barrel using your hand. As a rule, clamp-style curling irons are better for creating tight ringlets, while curling wands are better at creating loose, casual curls and waves. Curling irons with clamps tend to be easier to use, but the clamp can sometimes cause a kink at the end of the hair.

Barrel sizes

Curling iron sets feature barrels in a range of sizes, but you still need to check that the sizes offered will create the styles you desire. Smaller barrels create tighter curls and larger barrels create looser curls.

  • 3/8-inch diameter gives you tight curls with loads of volume
  • 3/4-inch diameter give you curls that are still tight but slightly less springy
  • 1-inch diameter gives you full midsize curls
  • 1 1/2-inch diameter gives you fairly loose, bouncy curls
  • 2-inch diameter gives you very loose curls or waves

However, you also need to think about your hair length. A two inch barrel will give you a long mane of loose curls if you have waist-length hair and a Charlie’s Angels-style feathered look if you have chin-length hair.

Barrel material

Once you’ve decided what range of barrel sizes you require, you’ll then need to consider barrel material. The most common materials are ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline.

  • Ceramic is a common material for curling iron barrels. It holds heat well but doesn’t become too hot, which minimizes hair damage. It’s generally best for people with fine or medium hair.
  • Titanium can get much hotter than ceramic, which makes it an ideal material for people with very thick hair that won’t curl at lower temperatures.
  • Tourmaline is a coating that you can find on either ceramic or titanium barrels. It produces extra negative ions to leave your curls frizz-free for a very smooth, sleek look.
Barrel shape
  • Cylindrical: Standard curling iron barrels are cylindrical – the same width along the entire length. These are great for creating curls of a uniform size.
  • Cone: If you’d like some smaller and some larger curls, or curls that vary in diameter from top to bottom, opt for a cone-shaped barrel. You can use it at different points along the length of the barrel to create differently sized curls.
  • Spiral: You may also see curling iron barrels in the shape of a spiral or resembling a series of bubbles. These are ideal for producing evenly curled spirals or waves of hair.
Heat settings

Curling iron sets should have a range of heat settings. The lowest settings generally start at around 200°F to 250°F. Depending on the model you choose, it may reach a maximum heat of 450°F. However, just because your curling iron can reach 450°F it doesn’t mean you should crank it right up. As a rule, the thicker and coarser your hair, the higher the temperature you’ll need to curl it. For fine or medium-thick hair, start at a much lower temperature. That said, higher temperatures set your curls more effectively, so they stay curled longer. Ultimately, you need to find that middle ground between a temperature so low it won’t set your hair effectively and a temperature so high it scorches your hair.


Due to the extra barrels, curling iron sets cost a little more than a single curling iron of a similar quality.


Expect to pay at least $30 to $40 for a basic curling iron set. One of these is fine for occasional use, but it won’t give you the best results and might not last too long with regular use.


You can find some excellent curling iron sets that cost $50 to $90, made with quality materials and featuring a wide range of barrel types to achieve plenty of styles.


High-end sets can cost as much as $100 to $250. These sets will give you salon-quality results at home.


  • Check the heating time of your chosen curling iron set. While curling your hair isn’t a particularly quick task, a slow heating time can be annoying.
  • Learn about timing. The amount of time you apply heat to each section of hair makes a big difference in how your curls turn out. Around 5 seconds gives you loose waves, around 7 seconds gives you loose curls, and 10 to 12 seconds gives you tight curls.
  • Consider your hair type. The perfect curling iron set for someone with thick hair won’t necessarily suit someone with fine locks, so choose accordingly.
  • Check the included accessories. Handy extras include a glove to protect your hand from the heat and a case for storage or travel.

Curling Iron Sets FAQ

What hairstyles can I create with my curling iron set?

While you can achieve all kinds of curls, from tight ringlets to subtler loose curls, curling irons are also great for casual tousled and wavy styles. Depending on the barrels included with your set, you have a huge range of possibilities.

How long will my curls last?

This varies widely depending on a range of factors, including your hair type, the heat setting you use, the type of curls you choose, and any setting products you put in your hair before or after curling. Although they may start to droop toward the end of the day, you should get a good 8 to 10 hours from your curls, at least. Under the right conditions, your curls can stay put for more than 24 hours.

Can I use my curling iron set in other countries?

Yes, with the right adapter and voltage converter, your curling iron set will work perfectly in another country. However, if you travel frequently, consider buying a dual voltage model to negate the need for a voltage converter.

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